A Timeless Short Term Furnished Rental in Portland Oregon.

Time-lapse photography takes a great deal of patience in order to watch the world fly by and remain incredibly still. But with the comfortable short term furnished rental in Portland Oregon that I receive from my partnership with Extended Stay Properties NW Portland, I feel ready for any project that comes my way like the one I did recently in Portland OR.

Most of my projects require that I set up shop for extended period of time to test certain light levels and exposure rates. This means that a single time-lapse photo or video can take me anywhere between days or even weeks to successfully execute.

Not many people realize the amount of time and energy that I expend to get ‘the perfect shot’, but it’s all worth it to me in the end when I have a beautiful masterpiece that displays my time and dedication to my craft. There are not many pleasures in this world that can rival the camera’s ability to show us something unique about the world around us.

Of course having the help of Extended Stay Properties NW Portland and their wonderful short term furnished rentals in Portland Oregon is key to my success as a photographer shooting these advances pieces. Without their accommodations in places like Portland OR, I might not be able to find or afford housing that would be sufficient for my time spent capturing my time-lapse projects.

But my time spent in their short term furnished rentals in Portland Oregon is not only useful, but each location feels like I am on vacation due to the amazing number of amenities and beauty of each unit. I can often find myself thinking back to some of my favorite places, considering going back simply for an extended vacation!

Extended Stay Properties NW Portland really does an amazing job with providing their clients with everything that we need during our stay in their fully equipped, luxurious accommodations. I have never needed anything additional beyond what was already provided, but I know that they are always quick to ask if there is anything else that I need that might make my time spent with them a little bit more enjoyable.

I can appreciate this kind of deep-rooted dedication to one’s craft because I know what it takes to really become a master of something. The time and energy and care required to get to this level of service and successful execution is showing in their work.

I love my time with Extended Stay Properties NW Portland when I stay in their short term furnished rentals in Portland Oregon in places like Portland OR. I feel so lucky to have their support while I continue to create my time-lapse projects.

— Extended Stay Properties NW Portland invites you to contact them at http://www.extendedstaynwportland.com or call 800-997-7965 for assistance with all your short term furnished rentals in Portland Oregon needs.–

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