Short Term Furnished Housing in Pensacola Gave Me Comfort!

Before I moved to Pensacola FL, I wanted to be sure I would have a comfortable and affordable place to live. Once I discovered short term furnished housing in Pensacola, I was ready to make the move.

I have overpaid for living arrangements in the past, so I was cautious when it came time to search for a new place. However, I was really impressed with what I saw on the short term furnished housing in Pensacola website.

The floor models I toured on the website looked really nice, and when I saw the prices I had to call to make sure they were real. I live alone, so I don’t need a ton of space, and the price that was offered for the single-bedroom layout fit my budget perfectly.

It was hard to believe the price they were offering included furniture, Wi-Fi, and laundry. I haven’t been able to find anything else with these three amenities available, let alone for the price.

The hunt for an apartment or house can be pretty tough, especially moving to a new area when you’re in between jobs. I did not expect to find something so close to the city with everything on my wish list.

Short term furnished housing in Pensacola even has the little details I wanted but didn’t expect to find there. Things like kitchenware, cable TV, and a workout center are just a few examples.

In my previous home, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my car parked outside where the weather could take a toll on it. I asked about parking, and I was offered a personal garage in which to keep my car which makes me feel a lot better.

I also feel more comfortable living in a place where I can call anytime to make maintenance requests. It takes pressure off of me knowing I don’t have to deal with things like jammed windows or weeds in my flower bed.

Living alone in a new city can be hard, but living in short term furnished housing in Pensacola, I have so many kind and helpful neighbors, and the staff has been a big help answering questions about the city. If I want to know the best restaurants or stores, I just visit the front office, and there’s always someone there who can give me good advice.

Because I don’t have to stress about where I’m living, being in Pensacola FL has been such an enjoyable experience. I can’t say enough good things about short term furnished housing in Pensacola!

–Corporate Accommodations of NW Florida invites you to contact them at or call 800-405-8894 for assistance with all your short term furnished housing in Pensacola needs.–

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