Running Digital Marketing Department and Need Corporate Housing in Washington DC.

I have been hired to run the digital marketing department at an international advertising agency in Washington DC. I will need corporate housing in Washington DC as I settle in to my new city.

I do not know how long I will be living in corporate housing in Washington DC. My priority is my career and doing my job well. Also, I am moving during the winter so I will want to wait until warmer months before I make a permanent residential move.

I am very excited for this new opportunity in Washington DC. There is a great financial package for this job, as well as an opportunity for another promotion soon. This could be the job that really sets me up for retirement.

Part of my financial package was the opportunity of living in corporate housing in Washington DC for at least nine months, and up to a year if necessary. My new company has been very generous. Allowing me to live in corporate housing in Washington DC up to a year really helps me to focus on my work.

I would like to lease a two-bedroom furnished unit because I will have many guests on the weekends. I am hoping my children will visit me regularly and I am looking for a place that will not only be comfortable for me, but for them as well.

I reached out to Attache Property Management, LLC to help me with my residential search. They were knowledgeable and very helpful with finding me the perfect corporate housing in Washington DC. They showed me a few that gave me a den so that there was room for another bed when my children were here.

A big reason that I chose to work with Attache Property Management, LLC for corporate housing in Washington DC was the variety of properties they offered and all the different furnished suite options listed on their website. I knew I could find the perfect corporate housing in Washington DC with the variety of sizes and the perfect amenities for me.

I chose a two bedroom corporate housing in Washington DC with some great amenities for the family. There was a sparkling swimming pool and plenty of outdoor space for walking and outdoor activities.

The furnished suite was spacious, bright and comfortable. It offered perfect lighting and it felt very cozy. It was well furnished and I really liked the separate living and dining spaces.

I also loved that the corporate housing in Washington DC offered fully equipped kitchens. I needed nothing to prepare any meal or any late night snack.

The area of Washington DC that the unit was in was also great for me and my family. It was an easy commute to work and there was so much to do on the weekends in the nearby areas.

I would strongly suggest calling Attache Property Management, LLC when you are looking for corporate housing in Washington DC in Washington DC. This is the perfect company to find the perfect temporary home for you.

–Attache Property Management, LLC invites you to contact them at or call 202-753-9517 for assistance with all your corporate housing in Washington DC needs.–

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