Furnished Short Term Rental in Montreal Helped As I Cared For My Dad!

A few months ago, my dad was hospitalized in Montreal Quebec Canada and needed someone there to take care of him after his surgery. I don’t live in that area, so I chose furnished short term rental in Montreal as temporary living until he made a full recovery.

It can be hard caring for someone who is dependent on you for everything. This was my case with my dad- he couldn’t eat, walk, or do many other things without someone there to help him.

His house was too far from the hospital, and I wanted him to be close in case of an emergency. Furnished short term rental in Montreal was close enough to the hospital for both of us to feel comfortable.

Furnished short term rental in Montreal was perfect for us because we needed a place that was turn-key, ready to live in. A hotel was out of the question because of our need for accessibility, space, and long-term living that would otherwise have racked up a large bill.

Furnished short term rental in Montreal was available and ready to go. The day he was checked out of the hospital, he had a beautiful place that was ready and comfortable for us both.

We each had our own rooms and bathrooms, and I was able to help him 24/7. There was a beautiful kitchen in our suite with all of the kitchenware, cutlery, and appliances I needed to make him all of his favorite meals.

I was grateful for the Cable TV to keep my dad occupied and happy for the long hours he was unable to be active. I didn’t have to worry about entertaining him all day, and I was able to focus on caring for his needs instead.

Gesthab was very accommodating when it came to our special circumstance and specific needs. My dad needed a lot of rest and would take frequent naps throughout the day, and the neighbors were all so considerate of their noise levels that we often forgot they were there!

It really seemed like a miracle that there was a place so close to my dad and so perfect for us to live during his season of recovery. I felt so at home in furnished short term rental in Montreal that I was even able to relax as I took care of him.

Being able to take care of my dad well was important to me. I’m thankful that furnished short term rental in Montreal had the resources to help me do that.

–Gesthab invites you to contact them at http://www.gesthab.ca or call 800-251-0702 for assistance with all your furnished short term rental in Montreal needs.–

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