Experience The Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To Stay In The Best Short Term Rental in Minneapolis!

Short term rentals in Minneapolis offers all clients the most high-quality short-term home with plenty of luxurious living space around Minneapolis MN area.  It is contained with plethora of amenities and brand-new countertops, blinds, and impeccable landscaping to ensure your stay with Creative Housing Solutions is rated highly.

Short term rentals in Minneapolis are only minutes away from the popular attractions, business attractions, and even shopping malls.  It gives you more time to relax rather than using that time to commute. Creative Housing Solutions has also planned to be in close distance to any public transportation for those who do not want to rent out a car.  If you want, a short term rental in Minneapolis is accompanied by a private parking garage safe from weather and burglary.

Not only will your short term rental in Minneapolis give you a convenient commute to work or tourist destination, it will also offer up to a three-bedroom corporate housing unit.  All you have to do is contact your leasing agent and communicate the rates and deals with Creative Housing Solutions to lease or rent out the home for the duration of time you are here in Minneapolis MN.

Creative Housing Solutions surpasses adequate when you enter your short term rental in Minneapolis.  All our temporary houses are all furnished with the state of the art home theater and fully equipped kitchen.  The bedrooms are coupled with clean linen and plenty of storage for your luggage. We also include all the following amenities in the expense of short term rentals in Minneapolis: Wi-Fi, premium cable channels, washer and dryer, and patio seating.

Lastly, short term rentals in Minneapolis is appealing to clients, especially those who frequently travel, because of our community features like fitness centers, outdoor pools, and lounge area.  If you are in need of exercise or social connections, Creative Housing Solutions has you covered.  Don’t worry about the extra expense since the community features areee included in the most basic short term rental in Minneapolis package rate.

Creative Housing Solutions will provide a well-maintained short term rental in Minneapolis that exceeds your expectations. It also reminds you of your personal comforts of home while still keeping a professional atmosphere. We will make sure you are accompanied by the best accommodation while staying at Creative Housing Solutions.

–Creative Housing Solutions invites you to contact them at http://www.chs-us.com or call 866-779-4321 for assistance with all your short term rentals in Minneapolis needs.–

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