I Am an Executive Assistant for CEO’s and I Need Corporate Housing Arlington VA.

I have been an executive assistant for twenty years and I have been able to work up to where I work with corporate executives at a very high level. I am now going to move to Arlington VA and my company is allowing me to live in corporate housing Arlington VA for nine months.

I started as a secretary at a lower level and I have worked my way up through the years where I now have worked with executives at many large companies. This is a big promotion for me and I will be taking on the most responsibility that I have ever have in my business career.

One of the perks the company is offering is a nine-month lease on an corporate housing Arlington VA. This allows me to save some money while I settle in here which will be a big financial advantage for me. The company is paying for my corporate housing Arlington VA as a part of my employment package.

I spoke with Suite America since they are the company that my employers have been working with and they recommended to me. They have used them to lease corporate housing Arlington VA for many employees throughout the years and have been very happy with their services.

I wanted to live in a part of Arlington VA that would be convenient to work but also a good place to live in during my free time, with many options for entertainment and exercise. Suite America was very familiar with all areas of Arlington VA and found me the perfect place.

I chose a beautiful one bedroom furnished suite that was perfect. The property that my corporate housing Arlington VA was in, offered many amenities and was of the highest quality. Working with Suite America has been a great experience.

I was very happy with the furnishings and all appliances in the corporate housing Arlington VA. Different than a hotel room, it felt warm and cozy just like a home. I cannot imagine living in a hotel for nine months, but I can live in an corporate housing Arlington VA for that amount of time.

Suite America have made my life stress free. They have answered all my questions and helped me when I had a few things that I needed taken care of in my corporate housing Arlington VA.

I have been able to transition into my new job right away and not worry about many of the personal issues that come with a big move. I have the best of both worlds, transitioning into a home like environment but none of the stress that comes with this type of move.

I have loved working with Suite America and I loved the move to Arlington VA. This has not only been a great career move, but has also been a great move for personal reasons.

I highly recommend working with Suite America if you are looking for corporate housing Arlington VA in Arlington VA. It has been such a positive experience and I am happy with this move and this has been a good move for me.

–Suite America invites you to contact them at http://www.suiteamerica.com or call 800-614-6890 for assistance with all your corporate housing Arlington VA needs.–

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