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I Am A Marketing Brand Manager In Need Of A Furnished Apartment in San Francisco.

I am going to be a marketing brand manager for my position with a new job opportunity in San Francisco CA. I need a furnished apartment in San Francisco for the duration of my time here. This is a company with many progressive ideas and I am very excited about this next step in my […]

I Am Working On A Long Term Project — And Need A Furnished Rental in Washington D.C.

I am an interior designer for one of my clients, who is a successful business owner. He has asked me to take on a very large project of his, which means I need to move. The project takes me to Washington DC for an indefinite period. Now I need to find a furnished rental in […]

Moving And Need Temporary Furnished Housing in Portland Oregon.

I am a legal assistant for a large law firm. They offer multiple law offices and have asked me to move to Portland OR for six months. There is a big case going on there and I may need to stay even longer. So temporary furnished housing in Portland Oregon will be needed. I have […]

I Am A Journalist Who Needs A Furnished Apartment For Rent In Tampa.

I am a news journalist and need a furnished apartment for rent in Tampa in Tampa FL. I am temporarily leaving my current station and will be reporting in Tampa FL for the next six months. The news station is a part of a large corporation, and they own both stations that I have been […]

First Stop is a Short Term Furnished Rental in San Jose!

Having just moved to San Jose CA from out of the country, I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful it has been having the wonderful service and expertise of Resi Housing with their amazing short term furnished rentals in San Jose. I was completely terrified of moving here, in large part due to not […]

Prepping With My Corporate Housing in Sioux City!

Leading backcountry adventure tours has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. And one of the best perks has got to be the wonderful corporate housing in Sioux City that my company sets up for me through Siouxland Suites in Sioux City, IA while I prep in between my excursions. I’ve loved […]

Squeaky Clean Furnished Apartments in Durham.

When my house was quarantined with a rare kind of hazardous fungus, I thought that my entire life would be completely turned upside down and that I would somehow be left out of the streets with nothing. In hindsight, I realize I was being silly because Home Suite Home was able to really come through […]

Flexible Furnished Apartments Medford.

I never really thought that my supposedly dead-end job in satellite dish installation would lead me to maintenance and repair for some of the largest satellite dishes in Medford OR. But having worked as hard as I have, I now get to travel around the world and stay in a beautiful furnished apartment Medford from […]

Furnished Short Term Rental in Montreal Helped As I Cared For My Dad!

A few months ago, my dad was hospitalized in Montreal Quebec Canada and needed someone there to take care of him after his surgery. I don’t live in that area, so I chose furnished short term rental in Montreal as temporary living until he made a full recovery. It can be hard caring for someone […]

Short Term Furnished Housing in Pensacola Gave Me Comfort!

Before I moved to Pensacola FL, I wanted to be sure I would have a comfortable and affordable place to live. Once I discovered short term furnished housing in Pensacola, I was ready to make the move. I have overpaid for living arrangements in the past, so I was cautious when it came time to […]

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